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Once you open this in Facebook or LinkedIn, please share a message with your followers that supports #NoProp29. We have provided sample text for each post.

If Prop 29 passes, nearly half of all of California’s 600 dialysis clinics could be forced to cut back services or close, threatening the lives of 80,000 California dialysis patients. #NoProp29
Prop 29 would increase costs to the State of California by hundreds of millions of dollars annually for the treatment of patients on state-funded health care programs. #NoProp29
Amid health care practitioner shortages, Prop 29 would move thousands of doctors, nurses, and physician assistants away from patients that need care. #NoProp29
The American Nurses Association\California strongly opposes Prop 29 because it would shut down dialysis clinics across CA. If clinics shut down, patients who miss treatment will become very ill. #NoProp29
Prop 29 will exacerbate emergency room overcrowding and threaten hospitals' ability to care for patients who need help for other emergencies. #NoProp29
One special interest group is back again for the third time, pushing yet another dangerous dialysis proposition. This dangerous measure would shut down clinics, putting dialysis patients' lives at risk. #NoProp29
Please join me in voting NO on #Prop29. Proposition 29 puts 80,000 dialysis patients at risk. Join me in rejecting this dangerous prop. #NoProp29

Paid for by No on 29: Stop Yet Another Dangerous Dialysis Proposition, sponsored by patients, doctors, nurses and dialysis providers. Committee major funding from DaVita, Fresenius Medical Care, and U.S. Renal Care.

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